Branding Photography – A Tool for Building Client Trust on Auto-Pilot

Who is your favorite online marketing guru?

Have an image in mind?

Is it the one with her smiling, looking straight into the camera?

Or maybe it’s the one of her genuinely laughing while working with a client.

That’s personal branding photography at work.

If that guru didn’t take advantage of personal branding images,    

you would be thinking of another guru right now.  

What is Personal Branding Photography & How It Draws Clients To Your Business

Personal branding photography is the imagery that represents your business brand. It’s often the first impression your potential clients see when searching for your specialty online.  I like to call it, “business photography.”

•     Branding photography is a collection of images that express what your business is about and who you are.  Brand images are custom to your business.  They tell a “story” forming a connection, words can’t.

•    Your branding photographer will help you create visuals that have a personal touch, highlighting your unique awesomeness. 

       Highlight as much or little as you choose.  Popular highlights include personality shots, behind-the-scenes in your work place, and you with your family (including Fido).  The choices are limitless.  Your branding photographer can help you decide if you’re just not sure.

•     When you are competing against similar businesses, your branding images could be the deal breaker for grabbing the attention of ideal clients.

Business owners are not only competing in the marketplace, but against the incredibly short attention span of their audience.   As marketers, we need to take advantage of visuals that will attract our audience AND begin a positive connection. 

Potential clients are not going to remember your business if you don’t intentionally leave a positive impression.  Images that include your smiling face are more likely to be remembered than text.  It’s human nature.  We remember images with faces and the emotional reaction we felt.

This is huge for business owners.  Working with a personal branding photographer makes sharing their story easy while promoting their brand.

Consider This Example

Here’s an example:

Think about the last service you needed for your business.  There were several businesses you could have chosen from; all in the same price range, all high quality.

But was there one you felt drawn to more than the others? 

I bet there was one business you forgot the name of, but you could remember a few images.

Was there one business you found yourself trusting –– but you don’t know why?

This is most likely due to the personal branding photos you saw on their website, advertising and/or social media posts. 

There was a “feel good” image of the business owner that instantly made an impression. The positive feeling you had in that split second determined your next action; which was to look around your site to learn more.

That’s the power of personal branding images.

Who is Personal Branding Photography for?

Personal branding photography is for solopreneurs and small business owners just like you. Talented female business owners are using their own collection of branding images as an incredible tool to show their audience who they are.  It’s a connect & promote marketing strategy. Why not compete with authentic images that make a lasting impression?

When entrepreneurs choose to work with a branding photographer so they can share their unique personality and message that only professional visuals can do.  They choose to take advantage of letting their potential customers get to know them through their favorite social media platform. 

By offering your audience consistent, magazine worthy images of you and your brand, you convey the message of high value.  Prime pricing and stock photography will confuse your audience. Confused audiences do not take action.  It’s human nature.  Your audience expects consistency across all messaging which includes branding images. 

Tip: Behind the scenes images of you working eliminates having to explain your pricing.  Once clients see what’s involved in the creation process, there is more appreciation and loyalty for your work.  This is where the right images are “worth a thousand words.”

How can branding photography impact your business?

Because branding images leave an unforgettable impression, drawing the right clients toward your business.

    •    Branding images reveal what goes on behind-the-scenes.  Most clients don’t realize the time and talent that goes into your business specialty. Great images tell the story that your clients would otherwise never know.  Branding photography provides value in the eyes of your client.  The right images let them know you, like you, and trust you.

    •    Time is the next most popular reason entrepreneurs are choosing to work with branding photographers.  Entrepreneurs who are already short on time take advantage of photoshoot packages that supply them with a 90-day supply of on-brand images.  A few hours of shooting, once every 90 days allows entrepreneur to plan social media posts for 3 months! 

    •    Best of all, personal branding photography does the heavy lifting of starting that all-important business-client relationship.


So if your goal is to build an audience of ideal clients who want to do business with you/your brand, the question isn’t should you consider personal branding photography  –  it’s why you wouldn’t.

Is there another marketing tool as versatile and powerful as your own vault of personal branding images?

Thank you for reading this post!

I’m a personal branding photographer located in Maryland, about twenty miles north of D.C. If you’re going to be in the area and would like to work together, please reach out via email (

To find a personal branding photographer in your area, simple google “personal branding photographer.”


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