Engagement Photo Session|Frederick, MD

Engagement Photo Session|Frederick, MD|Tracy & Gus

Today was the day for their engagement photo session at Worthington Farm Park in Frederick, MD.   They were extra excited for today as their first photo session was rained out earlier this month.

There was excitement in the air from the moment Tracy and Gus arrived at the farm.  When a couple gets out of the car smiling and energetic after a full day at work, you know they have something pretty special.

The sun forecasted for the day had yet to make an appearance.   Just as we reached the spot I had scoped out earlier, the clouds parted just enough for some of those beautiful rays to cast beautiful light around us.  

How They Met

Engagement Photo Session, Frederick, MD|Tracy & Gus

She waited five months before accepting his invitation to join him for a beer!  The day that “beer” finally took place, they ended up being the last patrons at the GrillMarx.  By turning down the lights to nearly off, they were  politely asked to leave the grill : )

Tracy and Gus met four years ago at a birthday party.  As it turns out, they realized that they had attended a handful of the same family/friends events and had never met.  Tracy believes fate and timing had everything to do with this. 

Something Special

One of the perks of being a portrait photographer is learning about some of the amazing moments that make up the lives of my couples and families.   One of the most endearing qualities Tracy loves about Gus is his thoughtfulness…about everything.  

While in the early stages of dating, Tracy invited Gus over for dinner.  As they were chatting and eating, Gus reached into his pocket and handed her a stone with the word “Believe” on it.  

He told her that he had seen this earlier that day and it reminded him of her!  Gus told Tracy that he believed that they were going to do great things together for a very long time.

That stone is still sitting on Tracy’s nightstand today.  “It’s  a constant reminder of him and his dreams for them as a family.”

The Details

Engagement Photo Session, Frederick, MD| Tracy & Gus

Tracy and Gus have set their date for June 15th, 2019!  Their ceremony  and reception will take place at Catoctin Hall of the picturesque Musket Ridge Golf Club in Myersville, Maryland.  Gorgeousness!

Tracy has said, “Yes to the dress” and is so looking forward to the day she marries Gus!

Adding to their love story is Gus’ daughter, Emalie.  Emalie is Tracy’s maid of honor and is greatly involved in the planning of Tracy and Gus’ wedding.  When I asked Tracy if she was working with a wedding planner, without skipping a beat she replied, “I have Emalie.”

Emalie is all of twelve years old and started planning this wedding two years ago!  Yup, this young lady has a Pinterest board filled with details for this family’s special day.  How cute is that?!

Congratulations Tracy & Gus!  It was a blast taking your engagement photos and dodging the hay bale trailer!  Enjoy this special engagement season.

  1. Peggy Easterday says:

    Thanks, Christina. I absolutely love the photos. You did an amazing job capturing the love they share.

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