You made it to the investment page, so you must like what you see!

 I get it - cost is often the number one factor when choosing a photographer. 

The truth is, if you had 5 photographers photograph your family, each collection of images would look completely different!  Each artist has their own style, creative eye and vision for the final images. So please make sure you love the image style of the photographer you choose. 

Price will no longer be a factor if you are not happy with your images.

The other part of all this is what I can't explain on this investment page
- such as how your nerves will ease as soon as you receive your "Getting Ready" guide. 
This guide is designed so you easily prepare your lovies starting with YOU! 

When we begin with mom, the rest comes together with ease.
From wardrobe examples, to preparing your hubby, to what to bring with you - it's all in there!

I also can't show you how beautiful your images will be in person, or how impressed you will be when you feel the texture and quality of your prints.  I can't show you the timeless frames, or linen covered album that you will get lost in every time you give-in to picking it up.

It's impossible to convey to you how you will fall in love all over again when you see the images of you and your husband beaming with joy as you laugh with your children.  

There is also the moment you see yourself in the images and are pleasantly surprised - when you say, "You really caught my best look...I'm so excited!"

Lastly, I can't communicate to you how it will feel when in a year you look at your beautiful family images and feel a tug on your heart as you realize how they have grown and changed.  

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