Personal Branding Shoot | Mt. Airy, Maryland

Rebecca is the business owner of Rebecca Davis Hair in Mt. Airy, Maryland.  She knew in order to compete smarter in this industry of talented stylists, she would need to begin her client experience online.

She was launching her new website and knew professional images would be the best way to represent her business and brand the way she envisioned.

Sure, word of mouth is super, but then what? 

Taking full advantage of that first impression is a no-brainer. 

Statistics show that perspective clients do their homework online before making a decision.

Rebecca wants to show up with an inviting and cheerful first impression.  A single headshot was not going to do.  After all, it takes at least seven touch-points with your brand before a perspective client takes action. 

Why not let your website do some of that heavy lifting for you.

hair stylist curling her hair in salon and sitting in kitchen.
Rebecca Davis, Hair stylist in the salon & at home.

As a business owner, a mom to three children, and wife, Rebecca’s shedule is tight. Every minute is accounted for. She invested in personal branding images so she had a go-to file of images to pull from at the very instant she needed them.

Pulling from your own source of images allows you to maximize every pixel of online real estate. IF you post a pic from stock, the space is filled, but have you moved your audience closer to you and your business?

Blond woman smiling while standing next to red brick wall; second pic is of blond woman sitting in blue chair with open book.
Rebecca loves living & working in beautiful Mt. Airy, Maryland.

Rebecca wants her future clients to find her relatable. She wants them to know she loves her work. Helping women feel their best is so important to her.

Woman walking on sidewalk by quaint shops.
Rebecca enjoying Main Street in Mt. Airy.

If you are looking for a hair dresser who will help you find just the right color & style, AND feel like the princess you are, Rebecca just might be the perfect fit.

Rebecca can be reached at Studio Allure in Mt. Airy, Maryland. Call to schedule your appointment, 240-394-7736

If you’d like to connect with more ideal clients with your own images contact personal branding photographer, Christine Schombert for a complimentary call. link:

Pretty blond woman looking in hair salon mirror, hand combing through hair.

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