Why I Photograph The Loves of Your Life

If you are a mom or dad obsessed with the loves of your life and can’t go a day without snapping a few an images of them, then you just might want to hang out!

I am a Frederick, Maryland photographer specializing in family galleries.   Printed mages of the most beautiful faces in your world should be framed art beautifully displayed on a wall in your home.

Today’s post is about “why” I photograph moms & dads with the loves of their life!

Did you watch the episode of “This Is Us” right after Super Bowl LII?  Uncontrollable tears streaming down my cheeks and too frozen to get a tissue.

Could you totally identify with the scene of Kate on super bowl Sunday and the video tape getting stuck in the machine?  That video tape could have been a scratched dvd, an old 8mm tape you found in your grandpa’s basement, or a crashed drive on your computer.  Technology can fail us.

That video tape was Kate’s prized connection to her dad, childhood, and her life before the fire. Did your heart just plummet when you felt right along with her, the possibility of losing the only way she could see her dad full of life, hear his voice, and share super bowl Sunday with him?

I had a similar experience just last month.  I had borrowed a cardboard box of black & white photos taken of my mom when she was a little girl.  There were several images of my mom under the age of five, with her beautiful mother.

That sinking feeling began when my mom called and asked if I’d bring the photos back over to her house.  But wait, I had already returned the box filled with photos!  She could not find them, and said she didn’t remember me returning them.   What???

When you’re twelve years old and your mom dies and all you have left are some photos and a few albums, a missing box of images is a major deal.

These precious photos made it possible for me to see the immense love my grandmother had for her daughter (my mom).  The expression on her face in many of the pictures is unmistakably pride & joy.  I am so grateful that my grandmother took the time to have professional photographs taken of her playing with her young daughter.

She had no idea at the time how much these photographs would mean to her daughter’s daughter too.  Until I discovered this collection of images, I had never seen a picture of my mom’s mother.  I didn’t know what my mother looked like as a little girl, or that she looked so much like her mom.  There was one glossy I think I starred at for about ten minutes.  It was a photograph of my mom as a little girl laughing with her mom as they hugged each other tightly cheek to cheek.            

The look of pure joy just being together is obvious in photo after photo.  My favorites are the ones with my mom (at age 3) and grandmother sitting on the floor, laughing together as they enjoyed a tea party.

There is one particular photo taken on a snow day!  Most moms would be sitting on the sled…not my grandmother!  This young mom was on her stomach, face first with her little one riding piggy-back.   Great big smiles reveal the joy!

These family photographs tell a story.  The bond between mother and daughter captured by the photographer is priceless to me.  Through these images I have learned that my mom was loved by a very special woman.  I know for sure from these images that I come from a long line of love, even though I never met my grandmother.  She was a young mom who worked full-time and yet made sure that the love she had for her daughters was captured on film, professionally printed, documented forever.   She had no idea that breast cancer would steal her away from her young family at the age of forty-four.

I believe the bond between you and the little loves of your life are gifts to be treasured forever.  This is “why” I photograph families.

Capturing this connection with photography and creating beautiful framed prints to enjoy in your home is a privilege.

None of us knows what will happen in our lives tomorrow.  So even on the days that aren’t going smoothly, throw on some mascara & lip gloss!  (Coco Chanel too!)  Snap some photos of you with your children – no matter what age they are.  The images & message you pass along to your children is priceless.

For those of you who are familiar with my photography, YES, I did change the name of my business to Christine Schombert Photography. My new home on the web is, www.christineschombert.PHOTOS.

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